[10.07.14] Sixteen years ago today my dad gave up the ghost after surviving much longer then he was told he would. He was a big man and filled a big space in this world. As his body declined his spirit and mind expanded. No more time for tv, to many more important things to do. Ever the practical joker his jokes became gentler, though no less funny. At one point he wasn't allowed to eat raw fruits and veggies and he had grown some beautiful beefsteak tomatos. He saved the biggest one for my visit and minute I got in from the airport he sat me down and made a tomato sandwich. All he wanted to do was watch me enjoy it. It was the best tomato sandwich I've ever had. I have so many fond memories of that time, the time of his decline. He was the happiest dying person. His last two years were a gift to all who knew him. I know my dad wasn't perfect, that time with him was.

[01.19.13] New Year, new job. It's all good. Diggin' my gig at CytoSport. Excellent people, great company, quality product. I'm a lucky gal. Still riding motorcycles with Bill (and we both traded up) and trying to get out when it warm enough. The biggest change coming this year will be the arrival of the first grandbaby, estimated time of arrival is early April. More on that as it progresses.