listening: Muse, Lake Street Dive, Paramore, Kings of Leon, Kate Bush, The Cars, Tommy Emmanuel, XTC, Nickel Creek, Foo Fighters, Bill Spooner, radiohead, doves, Earth Wind & Fire, The Police, Stevie Wonder, NRBQ, Ben Folds, Johnny Cash, Christpher O'Reilly
reading: Reamde, Assassination Vacation, Blackout, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Passage, The Doomsday Book, Katherine Pyle Book of Fairy Tales, Diamond Age, Golden Globe, Harry Potter 1-7, Snowcrash
watching: The World's End, Cloud Atlas, Super 8, Up, Flow, Up in the Air, Let the Right One In, Wall-e, Hellboy, The Thin Man Series, Hot Fuzz, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Incredibles, Lost in Translation, A Mighty Wind, The Fifth Element, Best of Show, Young Frankenstein, Orange County, Harry Potter, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, all things Hitchcock, Mutant Chronicles, V for Vendetta
eyes: Hazel
hair: Co-worker called me "evil pixie" not sure if it's hair style related
food: Tacos, Fremont Diner
tv on dvd/hulu/netflix/amazon plus: Doctor Who, Agents of Shield, Bones, Downton Abby, Sherlock, Cosmos, Fringe, Daily Show, Colbert Report,
radio: TuneIn, KFOG, LIVE 105, 107.7 The Bone, KLLC
hobbies: Riding my little moto all over Nor Cal, boot camp, playing drums poorly, hangin' w/the hubby & Pixel
color: Green
animal: Dachshund
band member: Guitar Player
body part: Ear(s)
tree: The Mighty Redwood
vacation: Bodega Bay
shoes: Anything big and clunky, Salomon running shoes